What is Daily Challenge Live?

Daily Challenge Live is a revolutionary way to learn math online.

Each live course comes with 20 one-hour sessions, in addition to the Module content that comes with your purchase. 16 of the live sessions are for learning new content with guidance from live Teaching Assistants (TAs), coupled with 4 additional Check-In sessions for TAs to assess students’ performance.

We are offering a special launch price of $299 (original price $369) for live courses in Jan, 2022.

How to Enroll?

Why Daily Challenge Live?

  • World-class Instruction

    Designed and taught entirely by the renowned mathematician and coach Prof. Po-Shen Loh, the Daily Challenge Live has the best curriculum as a strong backbone.

  • Lively Classroom

    Two TAs on camera utilize performance techniques to bounce ideas back and forth with the students, making the class more informative and fun than any other live course.

  • Teach Invention

    In addition to rich experience in math and tutoring, TAs hand-picked by Prof. Loh can create their own solutions when faced with a new problem.

  • Top Talents

    Our TAs are recruited across the US and the world. Among them, there are MATHCOUNTS National Qualifiers, MPFG Qualifiers and MOPpers.

  • Next-Gen Technology

    Reinventing a Zoom classroom experience with features adapted from online products popular among students.

  • Role Models

    Being close to the students' age, the superstar TAs are able to inspire them as amiable role models.