One of the CEMC contests, the Pascal Math Competition, is coming up very soon. 

Students all around the world in Grade 9 or below are eligible to participate in the Pascal Contest.

To help students boost their performance in the Pascal Contest, we offer the following special bundles for a limited time!

Special bundles include:

  • A live 90-minute prep session with Q&A for the Pascal Contest
  • Module 0 or Module 1 or Beginner Booster: Module 0 + 1

* If you'd like to attend the live prep session for Pascal, please make sure that you enroll in one of the special bundles above instead of the regular modules and bundles.

Introduction to CEMC Math Contests

You must be wondering: what on earth is CEMC?

Housed within the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Waterloo, the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing (CEMC) is Canada's largest and most recognized outreach organization for promoting and creating activities and materials in mathematics and computer science.

CEMC hosts 15 contests for more than 265,000 students from over 80 countries each year. The contests are designed to inspire students in Grade 5 to 12 to stretch their limits. 

Students' achievements in some of the contests are highly recognized by higher education institutions.  

Reasons for you to join

Quoting the reasons given by the University of Waterloo with regards to why participate in a CEMC contest:

  • To challenge yourself and your problem-solving skills.
  • To prepare for university studies.
  • Contests are an asset to your application.
  • To demonstrate that you have sufficient mathematical background to enter our programs, especially useful in cases where we may be unfamiliar with an education system and unable to assess an applicant's mathematical background.
  • To be eligible for an entrance scholarship.